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Unit Study: Backyard Chickens!


We spent the Winter creating our Backyard Chicken Study! Our study is fun, engaging, informative, and easy to follow! We have created seven lessons with only one required book, Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia. Our study is the perfect thematic unit for grades K-5! Our four children helped create this study, and we are excited to share it with your family! Did you know chickens do not suffer hearing loss with age? Their damaged hearing cells are able to regrow! A Cochin chicken was imported to England around 1850 as a gift to Queen Victoria! Highlights include

  • 24 Chicken Breed Cards with fun facts!

  • 18 vocabulary cards

  • Activities for each lesson

  • Learn how eggs are produced and how they are used around the world!

  • An egg experiment

  • Get an up-close look at chicken feathers.

  • Chicken anatomy

  • Chicken instincts

  • Chickens and music!

  • Chickens and their relationship to humans

  • Chickens through history

  • How chickens can help your own yard

  • The perfect recipe for a happy henhouse!

  • We share our own recipes, photos, and videos.

  • Cover art, science, history, geography, language arts, and math!

Please visit our new SHOP page for your digital download! Thank you!

*We may earn a small commission when you purchase products through our links. You may click the book link above to order. We suggest the book Farm Anatomy and reference pages in our study, but it is not required! You may also visit our Resource Page on the website to order!

Thank you!

The Young Family

2 टिप्पणियां

27 अग॰ 2022

This is wonderful! I will share with homeschoolers I know in Southern Maine.

Brittany Young
Brittany Young
16 जन॰ 2023
को जवाब दे रहे हैं

Thank you! It’s a great one to come back to over the years!


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