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Kitchen Gift Guide - 2023


Our kitchen is where cherished holiday moments come to life! It brings me so much joy to give a bountiful basket of my favorite kitchen items as a gift. The products are ones I genuinely adore using in my own home, and I'm sure you'll discover some delightful treasures among them, too! Our 2022 Kitchen Gift Guide was one of our top trending articles last year, so we've included some of those items throughout. They are timeless and always helpful!

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Caraway Home

We first came across Caraway while researching non-toxic cookware. Their products do not contain PFAS, PTFE, or PFOA materials. They recently released a 5-ply Stainless Steel set, perfect for high-heat cooking. The ceramic non-stick interior is made from natural ingredients and requires less oil or butter than other cookware or bakeware. The cookware is induction compatible and, in our experience, heats much more evenly than our previous cookware! The bakeware set is equally well made and comes in various colors, including perracotta, grey, and marigold. They have recently released a new line of colors in their Iconics collection. The uniquely designed storage systems are one of my favorite aspects of the sets. They are beautifully made and take the hassle out of storage! Caraway offers an incredible Food Storage set, Tea Kettle, and Linens. They are currently offering up to 20% off and free shipping over $90!


The WÜSTHOF Classic Nakiri knife has been my favorite since 2015! WÜSTHOF has been crafting knives in Solingen, Germany, since 1814. The trusted family-owned brand has become a favorite for classically trained chefs and home cooks. These tools are an investment, but they are created to last! The knife I use most is the Classic Nakiri Knife. I find it the most versatile and recommend starting with the Nakiri if you plan to build your set over time. The Filet Mignon knife set makes an incredible gift for any home!

Ninja Foodi PossibleCooker

After 16 years, I had to replace my beloved Crockpot. Our swim team season is long, and we often get home with hungry swimmers, so I'm constantly seeking efficient ways to feed a crowd. Enter the Ninja Foodi—it's an all-in-one wonder. From slow cooking to searing, sautéing to steaming, sous vide to braising, baking to proofing, it does it all! This gem has swiftly become one of my top purchases this year, a topic I frequently bring up in conversations. It's simply exceptional!

Cuisinart Food Processor

I have owned my Cuisinart food processor since 2014, and it isn't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon! I use it to make pie crusts, salsa, tomato sauce, and at one time, baby food! The options are endless for this kitchen tool. Our model has a 7-cup capacity, but you can get up to a 14-cup capacity model.

Baguette Pans

I have four of these pans, so I can whip up big batches of bread in a short amount of time. I use them in my oven and on our Traeger, as you'll see below. They cook evenly and have held up for years!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

My KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the oldest kitchen tool! My husband gave it to me for Christmas in 2006, and it has been used to make delicious pizza dough, bread, whipped cream, and all the baked goods you could imagine! Another investment tool, but boy, does it pay for itself! It always amazes me when I make it through another year with this model!

Traeger Wood-Fired Pellet Grill

While my Traeger grill may not be IN my kitchen, it is my favorite way to cook! We purchased our Pro-575 in 2020 and would buy another in a heartbeat! We can make all our recipes on the Traeger because it can grill, bake, roast, smoke, braise, and BBQ. You can set your Traeger to the same temperature as your oven and control the grill functions, including the timer and thermometer, through the app! You can search "Traeger" on the website for some of our favorite recipes!

Thereye Milk Frother

The perfect accompaniment to your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! We all stood around in amazement as this frother got to work. Finding a frother that creates rich, creamy foam at the optimal temperature while being easy to clean was challenging. The Thereye checks all the boxes!

Popover Pans

If you haven't tried my New England Popover recipe, you'll want to order these pans first! I have had a set of two since 2013 and would happily purchase them again for my home. I've given them as gifts with our Raspberry Jam and a popover recipe card. An easy and beautiful gift!

Smithcraft Measuring Cups & Spoons

These copper measuring cups and spoons from Smithcraft are classically beautiful! They are always a hit in gift baskets and hold up well with frequent use. This is an excellent value for such high-quality kitchen tools.

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