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A Love for Literature

classic novels

A love for literature has always been at the heart of our home. Before our oldest was born, we began building our little library, handpicking titles we cherished from our childhoods. I still remember the nurses bringing in a tote from Raising Readers after our oldest was born. My husband rocked her gently and read each book multiple times. As our family expanded, so too did our library, with hopes that each title sparks their imaginations, deepens character, and nurtures their love for reading!

Our Resources page is carefully curated with books for each subject and supplies we use daily in our home. We recently added a new requested section: Pre-teens & Teens. This week, a dozen new titles were added, and many more are on the horizon!

Our printable Reading Log is $1 or free with any purchase in our shop! This PDF download is easy to print and can be used for years! We keep several pages in our homeschool binders for the children to fill out as they finish a book.

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