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Little Passports: World Edition


Our family had the opportunity to try the Little Passports: World Edition box. Little Passports offers wonderful learning boxes for children aged three and up! While we enjoyed the World Edition box, they have a variety of options to choose from that cover, Culture & Geography, Craft Discovery, and STEM experiments. Little Passports is also giving our readers 50% off all 12-month subscriptions with the code 50OFF12MONTH and our link: Little Passports

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Our children range in ages from four to twelve, and they all could not wait to open the colorful blue suitcase! They were excited to see they would be learning about Brazil! My husband worked in Brazil for several years, and everyone was anxious to learn more about the culture!

The suitcase included a passport with their first passport stamp, a world map with stickers, a chapter book, a Macaw Mobile craft, a replica of a coin with a display board, and a letter from Sofia and Sam, the friends who travel the world on an exciting scooter! They loved seeing some words in Portuguese that their Dad had taught them while he was traveling. He had saved coins from his time in Brazil, so we were able to compare them to the replica enclosed. Another favorite highlight was the snack section. They have always been fascinated with the foods children enjoy around the world!

While my son read the chapter book aloud, my daughter helped her younger brothers assemble the Macaw Mobile. This was definitely their favorite part of the box! Everyone was able to get outside and take turns flying their new Macaw! Once we were back inside, they were eager to finish the book and find out how Sofia and Sam’s adventure ended. They really enjoyed how much Sofia’s family was a part of the story! Each of them wishes they had a scooter to transport them anywhere in the world. They all agreed that they could not wait to see where Sofia and Sam travel next! We hope your family is able to experience the wonderful options Little Passports has to offer!



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